शादी के अगले दिन ही यहां लड़कियां शुरू कर देती हैं ऐसा काम वजह जानकर हैर...

Just think. When you go to your in-laws after marriage, your face should be shown to those who do not give you prayers but have come to buy what will you do? But this is happening in this community. Let's know the whole story

There is a community in Najafgarh in Delhi, where the in-laws make prostitution by their own daughters. The name of this community is "Parana". According to reports, the "Parana" community living in Premnagar township has taken a lot of time. These businesses are being made for generations by "generations" community. For many years this community has been
In this community girls are given marriage at the age of 12 to 15 years. These prostitutes also work at home. After making food for her husband and children she goes out for prostitution at night. It happened halfway. You will be surprised to know the other aspect of this. The daughter-in-law who refuses to prostitute, is tortured. Sometimes they are killed even with their lives. This is the reason why many women do not want to get into this business
Surprisingly, the parents themselves put their daughter in this business. They do not get their daughter studied but they marry them at a young age.