चेहरे पर चाहे कितने भी मुँहासे क्यों ना हो 2 दिन में ये चीज जड़ से गायब ...

If there is any stain or mark on the white face, then the beauty of the face starts to fade. Nail acne on face has become common nowadays. Oral skin is more of a problem for getting out of pimples. If the pimples are bitten by hand, the pimples stains remain on the face. Pimples are a common problem of acne skin. This problem affects people of all ages. Because of the level of hormonal growth in the body, young people suffer most from acne. Home remedies for removing all acne are very easy, which has many advantages that can give you beautiful skin, so let us now tell you how to remove the acne.

To remove the pimples from the face, it is necessary to first clear the dust dust particles deposited in the skin. You can clean the skin by steaming the face with hot water. You can also mix lemon juice in water.

Put orange peels in the sun and dry them thoroughly. Grind dry peels in the form of powder and mix water to make a paste. Apply on the affected area and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. Then wash your face with hot water.

At night, nutmeg should eat sleepless and coated with raw milk and sleep in the morning and wash the face in the morning. This gives rise to the face and also removes the face from the nail, stain stain.