शादी को लेकर फौजी ने कर डाला ऐसा काम के पूरी इंडियन आर्मी हो गयई हैरान

Who is not aware of the army of your country. They are stationed in the duty of selflessness so that we can not sleep for peace, but all the soldiers working in the army have to be careful to protect the country and many times they also have to meet them. Do not get leave. These momentous laughing jaws are written in the second country's bullet. Therefore the Indian Army is considered the brave and brave army

In such a case, if a young man makes a mistake, then the entire Indian Army has to bear the brunt. While on one side the soldiers of the country sacrifice themselves to protect the country, on the other hand we are going to meet you with a young man who wiped his uniform for his personal selfishness. Actually, this whole case is from Bangalore city of India, where a young man has survived the army's army
According to the information, these soldiers recruited in the army run away during their training and at the time of their reinstatement, they get rid of the entire army. P. Navin, resident of Krishnanagar of Madhya Pradesh, left the army for just marriage. His addiction did not let him complete his training. When they escaped from training, they went to the army to find them, they came to know that they are fed up with this job and now want to get married by marrying