सांप का इन स्थितियों में मिलना होता है बेहद शुभ एक बार दिख जाये तो बन जा...

On seeing the friends snake, we remember Bholainath, who has taken the snake in his throat. If you talk about astrology, then there are some such signs in the astrology that on the basis of which we are associated with snake-linking these mysteries with auspiciousness.

Meet of a white snake If ever we see a white snake suddenly, then it is a sign of great good news related to wealth wealth in the future.

If you see a snake climbing on the tree, it will take you towards the high direction in the future in your economic, social and business area. Business will increase, economic life will be strengthened and social dignity will increase.

Getting a pair of snakes If you are going to buy a piece of land and the land you are purchasing is seen as a snake, then it is considered to be a very auspicious land. Such land should be procured soon, because there is always a grain of grain in this place.