आखरी वनडे मैच शुरू होने से पहले धोनी ने किया ऐसा काम के जीत लिया करोड़ों...

In the final ODI of the series played between India and the West Indies, the Indian team won the match by 9 wickets, performing a spectacular display. You should tell people that the West Indies batting first in this match, 104 runs against the Indian team But in the all-out response, Indian Railways made it easy to name it

Former India skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni showed a lot of interest before the start of the fifth ODI. When a Indian team was reaching the ground in the hotel, a Divya boy asked for a photograph from Mahendra Singh Dhoni but Mahendra Singh Dhoni Did not just give autographs to that diva boy, but also talked with the guy and pulled pictures with him.
You should tell people that the boy could not walk on his feet, so he was sitting on something like a Divya boy wheel chair, and that Divine boy kissed Mahendra Singh Dhoni's hand, the boy gave him Mahendra Singh When Dhoni saw him, he was happy to see the boy's happiness and Mahendra Singh Dhoni also showed his generosity during that time. Mahendra Singh Dhoni himself took it out of his own hands. Self-pitching with dice
Mahendra Singh Dhoni won the heart of the millions of people with his generosity, as soon as Mahendra Singh Dhoni photographed him with the Divya boy, immediately after this pictures of Mahendra Singh Dhoni and that diva boy became viral on social media and On this generous work of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the people appreciated their sister