सुबह शौच करते समय शरीर के इस भाग को दबाने से पेट हो जाएगा तुरंत साफ दंग ...

Friends, today's wrong lifestyle and irregular eating habits each person have to face many physical problems. Because of this, many people are tired of absence of absence of stomach in the right way. For such people, today we have come up with acupressure method to clear the stomach. This method will tell you how to clean the stomach early in the morning. Let's know. While touching friends, this point of the body will become stomach by pressing immediately, you will not even know.

Acupressure method

Friends are diagnosed with acupressure by pressing on any part of the body. From this time, many physical diseases are treated with this method. Nowadays many people are troubled by lack of stomach in the morning. Such people should adopt acupressure. In this method, the upper part of Kohli is to press 15 to 18 times quickly. As you can see in the picture. Pressing the upper part of the elbows can cause you a lot of pain. But do this remedy with great ease. This method will clear the stomach so early in the morning that you will not even know. Through this process daily the digestive system is also strong. And food is digested well. Acupressure can also get rid of stomach problems like gas, constipation and acidity.