नेपाल के मुसलमानों ने की अनोखी मांग देखकर मोदी और योगी भी रह गये हैरान

The unexpected case of the demand of Muslims from Nepal has emerged, and the world is shocked to know. The Muslims here have not only endorsed the demand of the Hindu Nation, but also have demanded it. Concerning the campaign for Hindu Nation, they say that these people feel more secure in the Hindu nation than in a secular state. In the case, the head of the national Muslim community, Amjad Ali said that it is for the protection of Islam. This demand of the Hindu nation has been done so that our religion is safe. Amjad Ali is a part of the protest campaign under which a demand for a Hindu nation is being sought

CPN-UML member Anarkali Mian said that she personally feels that Christian missionaries are campaigning for Christianity. Mian said, "I do not think Nepal should adopt secularism. It will bring more problems in the future." UDPN (Maoist) associate Muslim Uqdahan Front leader Udbuddin Frau also conveyed the growing influence of Christianity in Nepal. Babu Khan Pathan, head of the Nationalist Muslim Forum, Nepalganj, says, "Making the country a secular person will be nothing but breaking the unity between Hindus and Muslims.
Rajshahi's supporters, the National Democratic Party and some other Hindu organizations are running a campaign related to the creation of a Hindu Nation to Nepal. This is happening during the time when the country is going to adopt a new constitution. In Nepal, the process of forming a Constitution for the Opposition is very difficult. It is an indication of the burden that you can argue that for the past eight years there has been a debate over the secularism and federal structure related to the Constitution and this is continuing.