लालू के पुत्र तेजस्वी की न्याय यात्रा में मारपीट नेताओं के सामने ही जमकर...

A big news is coming up right now. It is being told that there is an indication of ruckus and hoax during the jaundice organized by the RJD in Jehanabad. According to local people, there have been widespread kickbacks during this period. According to the latest update, the RJD constitution held in Jehanabad today, the RJD supporters gathered in rescue justice tour.

In the absence of the locals, in the absence of the stunning, many leaders left the stage and got down. The gathering is going on under the jurisdiction of the RJD in Gandhi Maidan in Jehanabad. In this gathering, there has been a scuffle between supporters of a former MLA of the party and supporters of MLA Surendra Yadav.

The poster of former MLA Munni Lal Yadav was also torn apart during the three-time clash, and there was a sloganeering in the forum. The stunning Jehanabad has not been able to reach this meeting. According to the information, during the meeting, during the meeting with the people of the two factions, the matter got settled and then the matter reached the battle. At the time the ruckus was taking place, the RJD's state president Ramchandra Puro was also present. Things got climbed on the talk stage and the blows up to the beat.

The people who arrived in the assembly wanted two groups of people to hold the stage. Police intervened at the scene could calm the matter. Tell that today the stunning justice could not be included in the journey. His health is poor because of which he could not attend this meeting today.