'केदारनाथ' के टीजर में दिखे इस सीन को लेकर मचा बवाल लोगों ने जमकर किया ह...

In the controversy, for many days, the actor has been released recently in the film 'Kedarnath' by the actress Sushant Singh Rajput. Saif Ali Khan's daughter, Sarah Ali Khan, is going to debut in the film. Now the reactions of the film are coming out of the teaser

In the story of this film based on the flood in 2013, Sushant is playing a Muslim, while Sara is seen in the role of a Hindu passenger
In the film, love flourished between Sushant and Sara was shown. The chemistry of both of them was worth seeing. While on Twitter, to see a positive reaction to the teaser of this film, negative reaction is also coming out. Tell me some people are trying to give the story of this movie a religious color
People gave different types of reactions on the film. One user said that, you added this great accident in Kedarnath to the story of the love of Hindu-Muslim in the film. You should be ashamed
It is worth mentioning that the chemistry between Sara and Sushant is being seen in the teaser. Along with this, its vigailals are looking like a real event. It has been shot in Uttarakhand. In which nature's anger is shown. Tarar Adhikar Tejar shared on Twitter, "Some stunning vijuyas", along with its release date is written on 7th December.