यहाँ दिखा इंसान जैसे चेहरे वाला मगरमच्छ! पूरा मामला जान पैरों तले खिसक ज...

The most popular site of social media, Facebook has become a stronghold of new and obscure information. Here are some new things to see or hear every day. In this connection, there are some such photos on Facebook today that, after seeing, we will be able to fly ... You will also fly. These posts, which are visible on Facebook with four pictures, are very strange and poor. This post has been shared by a user named Sanjeev Kumar Raniyar on Facebook page named 'This Benaras Hai'. Sanjeev has also spoken with the post. He wrote, "A picture that has just become viral, there is a lecture series everywhere and place. Thought should also be posted in your group. Whatever, humans and animals are integrated, the subject is a matter of research. "

The head of a strange creature that is seen in the post is like a man's head, who would roam in a garden-like place. Talking about the picture, the head of this mysterious creature is like a human being, whereas its body is somewhat like a crocodile. However, there is a strange peak stripe on the back of the organism, which is getting from its tail.

Posted in Facebook We do not confirm these pictures in any sense. This is such a post shared on Facebook, whose authenticity can not be confirmed. In many such cases it is seen that people who know Photoshop make such photographs and post them on social media. Let me tell you that a few months ago, a pig's child's photo was viral, which looked like a human being in appearance. Later it was known that he was only a sample of Wax Art.