मोदी के पीएम बनने की भविष्यवाणी करने वाले संत ने बताया कौन बनेगा अगला पीएम

There is only a few months left in the Lok Sabha elections, in which every party wants to make a big win in the Lok Sabha by strengthening all parties at the regional level or national level. Just as the BJP president is going round the country to count the achievements of the BJP, Congress President Rahul Gandhi is going through the public and is telling the BJP policies wrong.

Nowadays, news channels and magazines carry out surveys about the elections in which they present different figures. But today we are going to talk of a saint who had predicted Modi to become Prime Minister in 2014.

The name of this Mahatma is called Jagat Guru Ramanandacharya, who has established Tulsi generation. Only two months after the birth of Mahatma ji, the light of the eye went away. This is a famous storyteller, he has predicted for the PM of India in 2019. His prediction is that once again PM Narendra Modi will be the country