मोदी सरकार का ऐलान जिनके घर में लगा है बिजली मीटर उनके लिए बड़ी खुशख़बरी

We have come up with a new plan of Modi Government. You all know that the Modi government keeps on bringing some plans every day. Ever stops something, so sometimes he starts something. In which ordinary people benefit greatly

Today we have brought some such news for you. If you have a meter on your house then this lucky is just for you. Yes guys, because on behalf of the Modi Government a new announcement has been made on the electricity meter
The Modi Government will soon add a prepaid card in the electricity meter as you recharge your TV or recharge the mobile, you will have to recharge your meter on the last day of the month. Then your home will be able to get electricity. Friends, tell the comment below, whether this plan is correct. Does this mean people of poor classes will not have to face trouble. No TVs can be recharged for one or two days, no matter we can live. But if there is no electricity then it will affect the people of all sections of India. Please give your opinion through the comments