नसबन्दी ऑपरेशन के लिए लगाया पेट में चीरा,तो अन्दर का नजारा देख स्टाफ सहि...

नसबन्दी ऑपरेशन के लिए लगाया पेट में चीरा,तो अन्दर का नजारा देख स्टाफ सहित भागे डॉक्टर

On one hand, where the government is making people aware about government services, all the claims on Saturday proved to be hollow. In fact, a case of major negligence has emerged in the community health center at Mehrauni during the sterilization operation on Saturday evening. Doctor stabbed the stomach for sterilization, then the woman got pregnant. After the operation the staff disappeared by running stitches. Seeing the condition of the woman here, the district hospital has been referred

Pregnant woman

CMHO has instructed to investigate this matter. 25-year-old Vinta wife Veeran Kushvah, a resident of Banjarjaria village police station in Mehrauni, reached the community health center in Mehrorni with a hope worker for sterilization in the village. Where the pathology and other investigations were carried out to the cell for the operation of the sterilization. Doctor Rakesh Dutt checked the stomach's stomach and found that if the woman is pregnant, immediately stopped the operation and sewed.

And the doctor standing up ...

After this the condition of women got worse. At the same time, five other women were also given injections of fainting, but the staff, including doctors, disappeared from leaving the hospital unnecessarily. By late nights, family members are worried. Here, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Pratap Singh said that the woman who came for sterilization has a 10 month old daughter's marriage. The woman did not even know that she is pregnant. This is why he reached the community health center with the hope of sterilization.

When the stomach was strapped to the stomach, it was found that women are pregnant. The immediate operation was stopped. Women's condition has improved. In this case, investigation is underway, action against anyone who is guilty will be taken against. He also informed that the women who were unconscious inadequate injections had been forced to undergo anesthesia, the matter is also being investigated.