महिला को भिखारी समझकर पुलिस ने किया गिरफ्तार,जब सच्चाई आई सामने तो भर आई...

महिला को भिखारी समझकर पुलिस ने किया गिरफ्तार,जब सच्चाई आई सामने तो भर आईं आँखे

It is very wrong to say something about a person seeing him, because we can not do anything other than merely looking at the front and guessing about him but some policemen have declared a lady as a beggar without knowing anything, and then When his truth came out, the eyes of the present were filled.

In fact, this whole case has emerged from Greater Noida, where some policemen launched a campaign to free the beggar from the city and captured some beggars. One of these old women was also, but when its truth came to the public, all the people were stunned. In fact, jewelery including 2 lakh rupees were recovered from the woman during checking. On seeing all this, the police realized that this lady is not a beggar but something else.

Good house keeps in touch with ...

In the inquiry, the woman told that both of her sons had seduced her and sold her land and half of the money was settled. After this both of them banished the old lady. When there was no way out, the woman, who had been associated with a big and good family, started asking for begging except property and other properties.

Account opened in bank ...

Bhaskar told TNM that his son was being contacted, although he was not interested in taking care of his old mother.Some years back, his younger son had died.However, his wife told Bhaskar that the ashram The authorities would suspect that after rejecting the woman by her sons, she got out on the streets because there was an easy way to beg. Though she In order to open a savings bank account on his name, he was taken to the nearest State Bank of India (SBI) branch so that his funds should be deposited in that account.

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