ये देश इतने ज्यादा अमीर हैं,कि अमेरिका को भी देते हैं कर्ज

ये देश इतने ज्यादा अमीर हैं,कि अमेरिका को भी देते हैं कर्ज

America is considered to be the world's most powerful nation. America may be the strongest nation in the world today, but there is another nation in the state of america, which is more financially powerful than the United States. The US gives money to many nations in the form of debt for the benefit of the world, but it also has to borrow from many nations. US makes periodic payments to it.


The nation's total GDP of $ 20 million is $ 182 billion. Qatar is the richest country in the world and 85% of its earnings from petrol exports. Qatar's earning is an important part of tourism and banking economy.


The world's favorite nation is for the rich people. Many billionaires in the world have settled so that they can avoid tax. This nation is considered as a paradise for tax lovers.


Singapore is at the forefront of fast-growing nations. This nation is a group of around 63 lamps and today it is the world's largest economic powerhouse. Singapore is one of four nations with large economic centers. Most of the population of a nation with a population of 55 million is a follower of Buddhism.