जानिए ऐसा क्या हुआ जो नमाज के लिए खुले शिवमन्दिर के दरवाज़े

जानिए ऐसा क्या हुआ जो नमाज के लिए खुले शिवमन्दिर के दरवाज़े

In the Jaunpur district of Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh, the villagers established an unprecedented example of communal harmony. The villagers have arranged for prayers of zohar in the ancient Shiva temple complex if they are trapped in Muslim jam, which is going on in Ijtema, running in Daryapur. There was no problem during Namaz, for which he was fully cared for. After Namaz, everyone was snuffed out and gladly left for Ijtema.

Ijtema is running three day Alami Tablalii in Dariyapur of the city. People from different districts of the state are reaching Ijtama. Apart from this, people from nearby villages are also participating in tractors-trolleys and Ijtma with their own vehicles. On Sunday, many people were coming from Meerut-Hapur to join Ijtama.

A lot of people were trapped in Jam near village Jainpur in Bulandshahr Kotwali countryside and at the same time zohar prayers were done. It was told that some people started studying namaz outside the Shiva temple on the road. When the villagers of Janpur saw people praying on the road, they asked them to read Namaz in the courtyard of ancient Shiva temple.

After getting the support of Hindus, about 150 Muslims worshiped Jauhar in the temple premises by Vuju. There is no problem to the Namajis, many Hindu brothers stood outside the temple premises and supported peacefully praying. By offering prayers in the ancient Shiva temple, Jain people have given a message of mutual harmony by establishing a new example of Hindu Muslim unity in the district. Facebook, What'sapp, Twitter, are very much appreciated by the villagers of Jainpur.

Religion does not teach to hate each other...

Bulandshahr On Sunday, when ancient Shiva temple was praying for Muslim brother Jauhar, it was the same thing on all the Juboos that religious people do not teach, hate against each other. Rural Lalu Sirohi, Chaman Sharma, Sachin Giri and Lakshman Singh say that religion is all one. There is a difference between our Hindus and Muslims. During the prayers, the entire Muslim community was taken care of.

Happy Temple Viewers

Kanhaiya Lal Sharma, manager of the ancient Shiv Mandir Committee is very happy. They say that Muslim brothers offered prayers in the temple premises. It is a matter of great pride for the people of Janpur. They say that it is a slap on the face of people who split among Hindus and Muslims. Ganga Pradhan husband Ganga Prasad says that Muslims are also our brothers. Religious religion will never be obstructed.