बुलंदशहर तब्लिगी इज्तिमा में दिखी भाईचारे की अनूठी मिसाल,मुस्लिमों की नम...

बुलंदशहर तब्लिगी इज्तिमा में दिखी भाईचारे की अनूठी मिसाल,मुस्लिमों की नमाज के लिए खुले मंदिर के

In Bulandshahr of Uttar Pradesh, millions of people from Igatma joined from many countries. A large number of people got to see the jam on the streets in a race to reach one place. Because of this, Muslims trapped in jam could not read Namaz, due to which local residents opened the temple for their prayers.

Several lakhs of Muslims have gathered for Iztama in bulandshahar of Uttar Pradesh. The communal harmony was witnessed during the Ilmi Tablali Ijtema in Dariaipur. The people going to Bulandshahr to get involved in this were caught in the jam. While considering the problems of the people trapped in the jam, the ancient Shiva temple of the village was opened to read the prayer. Residents have the ability to read prayers in the temple so that there is no trouble to the Muslims. Not only this but after the prayers, everyone was also given refreshment.

People from different parts of Uttar Pradesh came to participate in Ijtema. During this, there was crowd and jam on the roads. People in the jam had to read the afternoon prayers. For this Shiva temple of Jainpur was opened. Though this prayer was to be read in place of Ijtema, people could not reach the place due to jam and the prayer was read there. Ganga Prasad, the head of the village decided to teach namaz in the temple. Before Namaz, water was arranged for Vuju too.

The temple priest also told that almost all Muslims present there read prayers in the temple. He said that the temple is for everyone, nobody can stop it from coming here. At the same time, Mufti Imran, who was among those people, said about this that there is a possibility of walking on the path shown by the religion in Ijtema, helping others, living with love and love for the wan. On the last day of Ijtema, there will be blessings for the promotion of the country. Please tell that Pandit will be installed in the 8 lakh sq ft space for Iztama in Bulandshahr. It includes people from more than 10 countries.