ATM से नहीं निकल रहे थे पैसे जब बैंक अधिकारियों ने जांच की तो दिखी ऐसी चीज

A strange case has emerged in Tinsukia of Assam, where the eyes of the people were torn off when the ATM machine was opened, only the note was rained but only the difference was that all these notes were kept in the mouth. Let us tell you that these ATMs belong to the State Bank of India. Let's know the whole case ..

Actually, the news of the ATM machine being spoiled in Tinsukia SBI, when a small team of officials reached there on the complaint of the authorities, the power of the officials was lost when the machine was opened, but not 10 or 20 thousand rupees but the rats Total 12 lakh rupees were slaughtered
They saw that 500 and 2000 notes were slaughtered by Chuo. In this regard, a bank official told that ATM of Lepuli area of ​​Tuscidia was closed for several days due to technical malfunction. The bank official told that 12 lakh 38 thousand Given