क्या आप जानते है 'ताजमहल' के नीचे बना वो दरवाजा जिसे खोलने से सरकार भी ड...

Do you know that the door is made under the 'Taj Mahal' which the government is afraid of opening

For years, a mystery is also associated with the Taj Mahal. And this secret is a mysterious door made inside the ground under the Taj Mahal. After all, is there really a door under the Taj Mahal which has not been opened till today and it is also said that the government is also afraid to open this court. Aaj Tak has not opened this cabinyard.

Let us tell you that the construction of the Taj Mahal was started in the year 1631. And even today, the construction of the Taj Mahal is said to be an excellent sample of workmanship. And the researchers have done many research on this. Researchers who have researched also believe that under the Taj Mahal, there is a sanctuary of more than one thousand rooms. And they believe that the Taj Mahal is as much as it is, even under the earth. is

Tell that years ago, there was a tradition to build the secret door of exit with the construction of every fort. And this rule was applicable in the construction of every site. And so is the same with the Taj Mahal. Below it is a path that goes somewhere far away. However, the paths under the Taj were closed only at Shahjahan's time. These rooms below the Taj Mahal have been closed by bricks. And now only the government has the right to open it again. There is also the possibility of some big treasure behind those doors. Historians also believe that behind the doors of the Taj, there may be historical documents which will change the history of India only. But it is difficult to say anything on this. You can comment on what happened after all thank you behind this court