करीना की गोद में कुछ परेशान से दिखे तैमूर,वजन भी हुआ पहले से कम

These days your zero figure about once again the spotlight in are. March 28 Kareena son Timur the lap for Mehboob outside the studio visited. In fact, Kareena currently film 'वीरे the wedding of "shooting are. The Kareena where the Green color of a line one piece dress appeared then there Timur Blue color track suit seen tell that son Timur after birth' वीरे the wedding 'Kareena debut, for which Kareena has quite weight Luz done. He is in the gym daily exercise are. Reports, according to the film on June 1 will be released. Film' वीरे the wedding 'the story of the four friends of revolves around, which is a road trip on the go. In the film Kareena Kapoor Khan, Sonam Kapoor, स्वरा Bhaskar and Crest तिलसानिया lead role in 2008 Yash Raj studio film' Tashan in Kareena seeing people surprised were. Film for Kareena the figure size zero had. Then fans his enough was criticized. Not only that, in the media size zero of a new discussion start was. Many people say that size zero to the actress write a very oppression are. However, many people have Kareena fitness freak and diet health support to the compliments also was.