बंगाल बन गया दुसरा कश्मीर.बांग्लादेशियों और रोहिंग्या के डर से खाली होने...

Finally, the worst fears came true In 1990, the same thing happened in Kashmir that the same rule of Mamta also came to me. In 1990, Islamic religious fanatics carried out intolerable atrocities on the Hindus (Panditas) from Kashmir, enslave women's family members, captured their homes and shops, which forced them to escape from there and now they had to be repatriated. I am getting West Bengal, where the domination of religious aggressions has become so high that in their fears the Hindu community should migrate from Bengal. Jabur is.

It is worth mentioning that on March 25, Shriramavami's celebrations were being taken out all over the country, the Hindu society was celebrating the birth anniversary of Prabhu Shriram with a complete euphoria. In West Bengal, even after the bliss of Shriram Janmotsav was being celebrated, suddenly, some religious Akrathas were broken by becoming a hindrance to Hindu society. The crowd of religious fanatic invaders started throwing bombs on Shobhayatra. Most violence took place in Asansol I Religious movements made the streets of Bengal with the blood of the people I traveled on. The reports of the involvement of those Rohingyas in this torture against Hindus for whom some contractors of our country are demanding citizenship.

Asansol I am in the midst of the woes of the aggressors so that Section 144 had to be imposed there but after that persecution of the Hindus continued to persecute the people of Hindu society. Even after the curfew, religious people are suppressing Hindus by choosing Chakra Chakra. As a result of this fear of the invaders, Hindus are forced to flee from Asansol, but state chief Mamata Banerjee is trying to organize Modi Roko competition in Delhi instead of preventing these attacks. They are not concerned about the atrocities on the Hindus of Bengal. This situation of Bengal is very worrisome for the country because the jihadis have been built like Bengal Kashmir and perhaps Bengal is now being proved to be a big crime for Hindus. As the increasing popularity of Muslims is growing, terrorism of the jihadis increases in that area and it becomes a mini-Pakistan. Therefore, it is necessary for the country to bring Population Control Act to make it not Pakistan.