जिस होटल में हुई श्रीदेवी की मौत उसका मालिक निकला दाऊद इब्राहिम 3 महीने ...

After the death of Sridevi in ​​Dubai in the bathtub, the police was investigating this, although there was no specific thing about this incident and as we all know that now the demand for investigation on this incident is also Has been rejected.

Friends, today we are talking about the hotel in Dubai in which Sridevi was killed. Friends today have died for their deaths and many changes have been made to this hotel, knowing about which will surprise you all.

The news is being said that the hotel is from Dawood Ibrahim. After Sridevi's death, this hotel has changed all its staff and has been asked to remain silent. Apart from this, the room has also been completely changed.

According to the information, the room in which Sridevi Ji was killed has sealed the room, and there is no permission to let anyone go there.