मुंबई में जारी है कालाबाजारी, 5 स्टार होटल से 4.93 करोड़ के 1000 ,500 पुर...

When the Modi government had made a ban a year and a half ago, it was said that the old notes will be useless now. In a fixed period, they were asked to deposit the bank by depositing them in the bank, after which the people had trouble for many days and by changing their old notes in hours, they used to take new notes from the bank. But after the passage of time, continuing the process of getting old notes

Receiving Rs 4.93 Crore Rs 500 and an old note of 1000 rupees from a 5-star hotel in Mumbai has stirred a stir. Nobody is convinced that even a half years after the banquet, such old notes can still be found.
According to the news, the Mumbai Police had information that at least three people of Hyderabad had a huge number of old notes. While taking action against the Mumbai Police, the Mumbai Police conducted raids in Hotel Wits in MIDC area of ​​Andheri. When the police approached the door of the suspects there was no answer from inside. When no response was received, the police entered the room forcibly. From the room he has detained three men with a bag full of notes