नारियल के तेल में इस चीज़ को मिलाकर लगाने से सफेद बाल हो जायेंगे काले और ...

There are many such changes in our body due to the present life and stressful life, in which we are able to take advantage of the advantages and disadvantages of hiding. Something similar happens when someone uses different types of cream and chemicals to blacken their white hair.

According to experts, many chemicals used to black hair are so harmful that they have a great adverse effect on our eyesight. But when the hair turns white in someone's age, people use these chemicals to avoid embarrassment and to show themselves beautiful.

At the same time, many people use alteration of hair oil, changing the type of oils to avoid being white, but knowing this, you will be surprised to know that changing your hair frequently and changing your hair health Damage, therefore, the use of many types of oils should never be changed.

Today, we are going to tell you a great way to make your untimely white hair strong, black and tall, using that will not only make your white hair dark, but hair will also get a new life. The use of this prescription gives relief from hair loss and problems like hair in the hair.

First, dry 25 gm neem leaves dry well, after drying, put these leaves in the mixer and make a fine powder. After adding this powder to 250 grams of coconut oil, mix both of them well and heat it. After this, filter this mixture and keep it in a bottle. Massage your hair roots with this oil for at least 30 days at night. You will get a surprising advantage in all the problems related to your hair.