इस बार न खाए आम वरना मौत की नींद सुला देगा ये खतरनाक वायरस

Friends nipah virus is rapidly spreading in our country. The number of those killed has more than 15. Nipah virus was mainly in Kerala but yesterday its patients were also found in Karnataka. According to the latest report, the Isle Patient has now been found in Uttarakhand too.

Today we are going to tell you everything about nipah virus
Nipah virus infection is primarily an emerging infectious disease of public health in South-East Asia region
In the recent outbreak of nipah virus in Kerala, 15 people (and still counting) have died in Peramamb taluk hospital including a leading nurse. Two people have seen symptoms in Karnataka.
 Any patients with fever, LRI and neurological symptoms should be notified immediately to the O / O DDHS and should be referred to the higher center with proper reference
 Patients traveling to the outbreak area should be checked seriously