कमर पर पड़े डिंपल खोल देते हैं लड़कियों के सारे राज जानिये आखिर कैसे

Dimples will be seen on people cheeks, but do you know that Dimples are not only on cheeks but also on the waist. It is special for those women who are found on the lower back. Because they are also called 'Dippels of Venus'. In many women, it clearly emerges, in some women it does not appear very clearly

Women who have dimples on the lower part of the back are very beautiful and attract the person on their side quickly and the women who wear these dimples in their waist are clearly romantic. But romance in those women who do not see this dimple is less. These two marks of beauty tell many things about your body. If you are also on such dimples, then your parents and your siblings are more likely to find such marks.