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Dhoni's honesty was such that the umpire also wondered about the honesty, and Dhoni's name was not there on the other hand. The 11th season of IPL's 27th match was played between Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians. Mumbai Indians defeated Chennai by 8 wickets. During this match, an incident was seen that Dhoni's eyes were much more sharp than the umpire standing in front of the Chennai Chennai Super Kings In the 18th over of the innings c Dhoni was caught trying to play a big shot

When Dhoni was going out to the pavilion after being dismissed, the umpire standing in the field at the same time tried to stop Dhoni from trying to stop him as the ball that Dhoni had dismissed was a fulltross ball and wanted to check in umpire replays. The ball which Dhoni has been dismissed was not above the waist of Dhoni when the umpire stopped Dhoni from going out of the ground, Dhoni did not stop
And he pointed to the umpire that the ball was no ball and that is out, after which the umpire looked in replays and it became clear that Dhoni is out, the look of his friends looks very fast, Dhoni's decisions in the DRS also Almost 99% are right