बेटे की चिता की आग अभी ठंडी भी नहीं पड़ी थी कि सज गई पिता की भी अर्थी देख...

The families of the entire family, including the leader of the Balesra Panchayat of the district, were frozen with bullets in the late evening on Tuesday. On the spot, the chief's son Satyendra Chaudhary died. The chief and his wife and a son were sent to Lucknow for treatment. Where on Wednesday, Mukhiya Mahamat Chaudhary and his wife died. While a son is still undergoing treatment. The Chief and his wife were also cremated on Wednesday evening.

Events ...
Wife and both sons were sitting at 6.30 pm: Kurukshethe reached the house: 6.50 pm. The culprit arrived at 6.55 pm: The firing took place at 7.10 pm. The passengers were sent to the hospital: 7.30 pm. Information to the police: 7.35 pm.Police arrived: At 8.10 pm Large officials of the police arrived - at 8.40 pm. DIG arrived: 11.00 noon at night.
- As soon as the news of death came, the Leader Union and his supporters got upset. The whole village was turned into a police camp.
- DIG and DM and SP are camped at the scene. In this case, two FIRs have been registered against 6 unknown persons.
- The police has arrested Vinod Dubey. Those who were produced in court were sent to jail in judicial custody.
- The postmortem of the son of the chief's son. Two bullets were found from his body, while the head was shot to the head.
- The Chief's son was cremated in the presence of police in the morning. The police also arrested Sivan, another accused Suresh Chaudhary.
Dashmani was seen in the Panchayat elections - the murder was being linked to the Panchayat elections. In the Panchayat elections, the foundation of enmity fell between Bablu and current chief Mahamat Chaudhary. Two years later, the incident took place.
Administration has taken responsibility for the education of children raised - The administration has taken the responsibility of studying the children of Satyendra Yadav, son of Chief Mahamat Yadav. Hathua SDO Anil Kumar Raman assured people that the administration and government will spend the education of dead Satyendra Yadav children. Also, also the issue of getting proper compensation to the families After this the angry people became silent. Then the body was taken to the funeral.
On seeing the dead body of his husband, Devtati, the body of Khuda Sudh-Cheema and Satyendra Yadav reached the house as soon as Wednesday, and after seeing her dead body, the wife fell down and cried. She was becoming unconscious again in the loss of her husband. Upon consciousness, the innocent son was in the lap and he started crying. The deceased Satyendra has three children - Son Diyanthu (5), Anuj (3), and Sonu (1).
Before the death, the statement made by the headman - in this case, before the death of the police, on the basis of the statement given by the head, the names of Balsera Panchayat's Suresh Chaudhary and Bablu Dubey have been nominated. Raiding for Suresh's arrest.
High alert, Muktiya had sought security- Gopalganj has been kept on high alert after shooting the head of the Balasra Panchayat family. Mukhya Mahamat Chaudhary had also apologized for his security but he was not provided security.
Pistol has been killed by the bullet-policule that the pistol has been used. Recovered pellet has been sent for investigation. The whole case will come out after investigation.