जॉन अब्राहम के साथ हो गई बहुत दुखद घटना बाइक सवार ने की हेलमेट से पिटाई

At this time, John Abraham is very much in the limelight because he is soon to be released after the nuclear disaster: The Story of Pokhran. Maybe that's why John Abraham is promoting this film in a big way. In doing so, John Abraham also went to Delhi to promote his film where the actress Diana Panti was also present with her.

While promoting this, an incident happened that made everyone shocked. Perhaps this incident was such that John Abraham was most hurt. Indeed, John Abraham was promoting his film in an open jeep in Connaught Place, Delhi. There were also many cars going on behind them.
One of them was Jeep in which John Abraham's cameraman was present. The jeep collided with a bike and the bike rider fell right there. The bike rider got so angry that he threw the jeep driver from his helmet. When this people came to know that the ruckus
Let us know that during this road show, there was a lot of stagnation in the streets of Delhi, which was affecting life here. Maybe that's why the person got more angry because he was going out because of some work, from the top, the Jeep driver hit him from which his anger reached the seventh sky. Later he was beaten by the Jeep driver's helmet for this