उत्तर प्रदेश में जन्मा प्लास्टिक का बच्चा डॉक्टर भी देखकर रह गये हैरान अ...

A woman from Balrampur has given birth to a child who looks like a plastic. The woman has been admitted to the sub-health center of Shravasti, where the woman gave birth to a son, but after the birth of the son, frustration has spread in the family instead of happiness. You will be stunned knowing the reason. The woman has given birth to a child who is being told in plastic. Doctors say that if the child cries, her skin may explode. Doctors have called this disease as Collodion and this child is known as Kolodian Baby

After the baby is born, the doctors are also in the square. After wandering in many places, the family admitted the child to a private clinic in the city, where he was kept in the life support system. According to the doctor of the chromosomes, this disease is caused by the problem. One in 10 million children is suffering from this disease. Such a child has a skin plastikumuma that can break on his cry