पति को छोड़कर मायके जा रही थी पत्नी रास्ते में पति ने कर दिया ऐसा काम दे...

Videos of husband-wife fight are often viral on social media. This time even a video has become viral, but it is a little different from them. This time, husband wife is not fighting. Rather, the husband is crying out to stop the angry wife who is leaving her husband and going to her maternal aunt

Dont be surprised Yes, this is true. Husband goes to the railway station to stop his angry wife and starts rubbing ahead that do not leave me. Husband is trying every possible thing in this video to stop the wife, but the wife is stoned to the point of leaving the stone
These videos are being shared a lot on these days on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. In the video you can see that the husband says that do not leave me and I will always be with you. But wife is always insistent to go