इस आदमी ने जब अपने घर की दीवार गिराई तो मिला हजारो साल पुराना शहर देखिये

When a man drops a wall in the house during the repair of the house, show him something that is astonishing to see.

After demolishing the wall, he found an old room, which was connected to a tunnel, a whole city was settled at the other end of the tunnel. This city was present under the ground, which has not seen anyone for thousands of years
This incident happened in 1963 when a person living in Turkey dropped a wall of his own and show him something that he did not even dream in. He found an ancient city that was 18 feet deep beneath the ground.
Archaeologists have examined it, but the exact date of its creation has not yet been ascertained, archaeologists believe that this city was built to avoid the storm and dust storm coming to this place. Hospitals, schools and churches were also present in the city, where grains, fruits and vegetables are also stored