आज के ही दिन 13 साल पहले इस भारतीय क्रिकेटर महेंद्र सिंह धोनी ने रचा था ...

Hello friends, there are many legendary cricketers in India, but today we are going to tell you about the great Indian cricketer who made a new record on today and that record made him a great batsman of India.

We are talking about the legendary Indian cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni who made his first record on October 31, 2005, 13 years ago. When the third one-day match was played between India and Sri Lanka in Jaipur.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni had scored 183 runs in 145 balls during this match, during which he had hit 15 fours and 10 skulls. India needed 199 runs to win and India won by 6 wickets thanks to Dhoni's magnificent innings.

During this match, Dhoni played his highest score in the cricket world, and since then Dhoni's life has changed, and today Dhoni is a great Indian cricketer and wicketkeeper who has won every match to India that every captain wants. Whether it is the World Cup or the Champions Trophy.

So friends, should Mahendra Singh Dhoni be in the World Cup 2019?