आधी ट्रेन लेकर भागा ड्राइवर बोगी को खोलकर देखा तो अफसरों के होश उड़ गए न...

How the tax was being stolen in Indian Railways, its latest case was found in Bareilly. On the occasion of Deepawali, the traders are supplying goods from Delhi through railways in large numbers. Tax evaders have cooperated with the officers and employees of the railway for not paying taxes on goods imported from Delhi. This is revealed on Bareilly junction.

Additional Commissioner SP Singh told that officers had received information that lakhs of tax evasion was coming from Delhi-Bareilly passenger. The train reached the platform number four at 1.10 pm on the junction of the station, then the officers siege. When the train stopped, the driver came to know that the sales tax was raided, the driver separated the parcel bogey with the engine and ran away to the yard.

When the officials of the cell tax expressed strong displeasure in front of the railway, a few minutes later the driver with the driver reached the platform number four with the bogie of the bogie. The officers have started scratching the parcel bogie openly. The officer is engaged in assessing the amount of tax evasion. According to the information, tax is being stolen for millions of years in this manner.