शॉपिंग कर रही थी महिला तभी गलती से टूटा कंगन जब पता चली कीमत तो हो गई बेहोश

Today we are going to tell you that shopping was done by the woman, then the mistake of accidentally missing the bracelet, when the price was detected unconscious, we and you often go to the showroom market for shopping, when we are shopping, then many Look at things that we would not have to buy or buy. Even then we do test the thing or thing, then after inquiring about the price of the shopkeeper.

Do you ever have such a thing with you that the item kept in that shop breaks down and you do not even get an idea of ​​its value? Yes, recently seen a similar case with the woman shopping in a shopping mall in China. When he was looking at some things, that stuff got rid of his hand and then fell down and broke.

There was no idea of ​​the value of the items left from women, in fact, reached the jewelery shop in the Rohini city of Hunan province of China, a bash precious bracelet broke down by the woman's hand, but when the woman got the price of that bracelet When he came to know about it, his senses were blown up and he became unconscious, which was broken by the hands of a bracelet of woman, ₹ 28 lakhs.

The woman said that the person who was examining the bracelet made of this very precious stone, then she left the bracelet with her hand and fell on the ground and she got split into two pieces, the woman was taken to the hospital in unconscious condition. He is being treated, according to the South China Morning Post, currently the woman is being tried to recover compensation.