दरवाजा खोलते ही सास के सामने आया बहु और ससुर का ऐसा रूप देखकर उड़े होश

A recent news came to haunt everyone. Yes, this matter is of Malda, where there was an illegal relationship between the mother and father-in-law of a housewife, and because of that, she had to suffer a lot.

According to the news, Saas and husband used to cheat with him every day because his mother had an illegal relationship with her father-in-law. One day after getting disturbed by all these, the Homewoman chose the path of suicide and one day the people of the Kala village found her hanging from a tree.

According to the news, one day the housekeeper had seen his mother making a connection with his father-in-law, which had been revealed and now the police has caught his mother and father-in-law with the husband and mother-in-law of the bride.