पुलिसवाले ने लड़की से ज़बरदस्ती साथ चलने को कहा,युवती ने उतार दिए अपने क...

पुलिसवाले ने लड़की से ज़बरदस्ती साथ चलने को कहा,युवती ने उतार दिए अपने कपड़े

One incident has happened in Mumbai, which has raised questions once again on the working style of Mumbai Police. There was an argument with the security guard of a girl named Megha Sharma and she alleged that she had killed him too.This incident took place at around 1:00 in posh residential premises and Lokhandwala and the police used to dial the emergency number Reached within a few minutes. He told the police about the incident but the police asked the girl to come with him at the police station while according to the law, the police can not arrest any woman before 6:00 or 6:00.

The more shocking was that the police team reached the woman without the constable. The girl refused to go with the police, while they were all compelling for it. She told them that she will go to the police station tomorrow and go to the lift to return to her apartment. After this, the policemen followed him and tried to stop him. When she did not let her go, she became angry after being angry with the people standing there. It is said that before, the lady called the guard Alok and asked her that she brought cigarettes to her, but when the guard refused When he did, he came down and argued with him and the guard struck him. The girl is originally from Dehradun and is currently living in Mumbai

We are not taking her side because she is a woman but we demand that proper investigation should be done in the matter and with this issue, it should also be examined how the policeman should go to a police station with a girl. You can say late night and without a woman constable, especially when the girl had called herself