वेस्टइंडीज के कप्तान ने धोनी को लेकर कही ऐसी बात के विराट की कप्तानी पर ...

In the fourth and final ODI of India and West Indies, India defeated West Indies by 224 runs and defeated the previous defeat and showed the West Indies how much the team is in India. After the defeat, the West Indies captain is credited with winning Only after Rohit and Raidu gave Dhoni

Jason Holder says, "Rohit Sharma and Rayudu batted brilliantly and kept so much of the huge goal in front of us, but I think when India was fielding the team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni caused trouble for us by advising the captain, and Everyone knows Dhoni has been an experienced captain and he knows what to bowl to the batsman and what fielding is most important. Hundred our team has the captaincy of Dhoni
Do you think the holder is right? Dhoni should advise the captain and give his opinion on this and also tell whether the echo of Mahendra Singh Dhoni should play World Cup 2019 or not.