राम मंदिर पर ओवैसी के इस बयान से सरकार में आया भूचाल हिंदू संगठनों ने कि...

October 29 was considered a big date for the construction of the Ram temple. It is noteworthy that after a long time, the court had ordered the beginning of any kind of hearing on Ram temple issue on October 29. However, on October 29, the court again put its next date in January 2019 immediately after the hearing began. It has also said that it is not a matter of faith or religion. This is just a ground dispute. Let me tell you that once again, the process of debate has begun in the people about the Modi government.

You will be surprised to know that on one side, where all Hindu organizations have opposed the court's decision. Asaduddin Owaisi, who holds the image of the same hardcore Muslim leader, has also given a big challenge to the Modi government about the Ram temple. After telling the court that Owaisi has given a major challenge to the government, Owaisi said that I challenge the government to bring an Ordinance on Ram temple and make Ram temple. Next to this he said that every citizen of India today asks questions about Ram temple from BJP, RSS and government, but the government always takes silence on this.

On the other hand, Ayodhya has once again witnessed strong displeasure in the sadhu saints. Tell you that all the sadhus in Ayodhya say that by referring to the election, it is not right to draw the temple decision for a longer time. Apart from this, once again, the Vishwa Hindu organization has given the statement that they can not wait for eternity to construct a temple for eternity. Another saint has said that if the government does not bring an ordinance within a month, then it will self-sacrifice and the result of which the Modi government will have to suffer in 2019 However, besides this, he also said that the court should continually defy the decision and give it to the Modi government to send the ordinance to the government

However, in contrast to the court's decision, the Modi government should make an ordinance or a bill passed and build a Ram temple. You must tell us about this in a comment box