गन्दी फिल्में देखने वालो को jio का झटका देखते पकडे गये तो हो सकती है जेल...

Today we will tell you about the three rules which have been implemented on Dirty Films. If you are fond of watching dirty movies, then you definitely have to read this news till the end, so let's start.

1. If you share any information related to child abuse in Adult Video or social media then you can also do cybercrime. Since the Modi Government has started a new portal for these things, under which you can be arrested for sharing adult content on social media.

2. According to the High Court, more than 800 porn websites have been closed forever. The most common reason for closure of these websites is that it is spread in the society. For this reason, the government has taken these three big decisions.

3. To prevent this disorder from spreading in society, decision has been taken to stop the website of large adult companies in the Geo Mobile Network. Since that time people have not been able to access the Adult Website for the past few days nor will they be able to do so