लंदन में पहली मुलाकात में ही शादीशुदा आदमी को दिल दे बैठी थी ये खूबसूरत ...

It is said that nobody knows when and when it gets done. Something like this happened to a Congress leader who is beautiful in appearance. This leader had fallen in love with a married man. Although love was between the two, but then suddenly all of a sudden. Let's know who is this leader and how the two started their love story

First meeting in London in 1999

The Congress leader who we are talking about is Nagma. Yes, Nagma is a big leader of Congress this time but in a time she used to be a big heroine. In 1999 Cricket World Cup, he met with a married cricketer, after which both of them had fallen in love at first sight.

Who was the married cricketer, let's know

The married cricketer we are talking about is no other but Sourav Ganguly. Yes, there used to be a time affair in Saurabh and Nagma. Both of them often used to roam around. In Chennai too, both of them were seen walking around.

The house was going to break, Saurabh took the edge

His wife Dona Ganguly was reported to the news of Sourav's affair. After this there was a dispute in his house. The talk had come till the marriage ended. After this, Saurabh was saved and he broke his relationship with Nagma. Nagma later revealed her affair in an interview.