राजधानी दिल्ली पर आने वाला है ये संकट हो जायें सावधान नासा ने जारी की ऐस...

The situation in Delhi NCR is worsening. In the coming days, due to pollution, it will be difficult to breathe here. US Agency NASA has sent photos from satellite to Delhi, Punjab and its surroundings. These pictures can be judged from how bad the condition will be.

The pictures of the hour are making clear that Parli is still being fired. This will create a crisis in the future. Especially in Punjab, most of the polling is being lit. Smoke flying from Punjab is poisoning Delhi's air.

Take a look at the photograph taken by the satellite and the red dot is showing that which points towards danger. According to photos of NASA, farmers are burning large amounts of water in Punjab. ... Friends, share this news as much as possible so that the government should be serious on it so that the residents of Delhi can be rescued from this great danger.