आज PM मोदी ने किया दुनिया की सबसे बड़ी मूर्ति सरदार बल्लभ पटेल की मूर्ति...

आज PM मोदी ने किया दुनिया की सबसे बड़ी मूर्ति सरदार बल्लभ पटेल की मूर्ति का उद्घाटन

On October 31, PM Modi is going to inaugurate 'Statue of Unity'. After the inauguration, this idol of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel will be called the biggest idol of the world. Which will double in America's Statue of Liberty (93 meters). At the same time, you will be surprised to know that in 44 months this statue prepared in about 3000 crores will be called the biggest idol of the world for a few days ... let us know why ...?

Largest Chhattrapati Shivaji's statue will be built in the Arabian Sea in Mumbai, even from 'Statue of Unity' built in Gujarat. Which will be called the world's largest statue. (Model of Shivaji's proposed Statue)

According to the reports, it is estimated that a huge statue of Shivaji can take 3 years to build. That is, the construction of this statue will be completed in 2021.

The height of the 'Statue of Unity' is 182 meters, while the height of the statue of Shivaji is 212 meters. Which will be 30 meters more than the large idol of Sardar.

This statue of Shivaji will be known as 'Shiv Memorial'.

At the same time PM Modi laid the foundation of Shivaji Memorial in Mumbai on December 24, 2016 in the Arabian Sea.

Tell us, like the statue of Sardar Patel being made as a tourist destination, Shivaji Memorial will also be made for tourists.

As soon as it is ready, tourists can reach here from four places. Including Gateway of India, Nariman Point, Colaba Radio Club and Sagar Sangam.

According to the Economics Times report, this idol of Shivaji will cost Rs 3600 crore

Let us tell you, the architect of Shivaji's statue has been designed by the sculptor Ram Sutarji, awarded by the Padma Bhushan. He has designed the idol of Sardar Patel. At the same time, the company has given contract to 'Larsen & Toubro' to make this idol. The contract for Sardar Patel's statue was also given to this company.