2 बूंद गरम पानी के साथ ले लीजिए यह चीज सभी बीमारियां जड़ से हो जाएंगी खत्म

Friends today is about the subject of Kalanji oil. Yes, this oil is beneficial in heart diseases as well as diabetes, asthma, cough, grief, nasal, joint pain, body pain, kidney stones kidney stones, bladder disease, Maternal weakness, hair disease, obesity, acne and many other types of diseases are extremely beneficial. This will be easily available to you in the market. It is completely natural and extremely effective. Kalanuji oil contains extremely miraculous nutrients, this element is capable of fighting all types of diseases and is helpful in making your health good. It is also capable of fighting against asthma, blood cancer, liver, breast cancer. Kalanuji is also called Sanjivani in Kaliyug. So let's know that its oil pair added some special things-

METHOD: Eat only two drops of black oil in the stomach warm water every morning and add it to two drops. This will give you the possibility of horrible, deadly and many types of problems will be greatly reduced. You can also use honey with some droplets of black oil in this water. You can use some drops of oil in hot milk before sleeping. But you must be aware that you do not forget even after using it in pregnancy. Doing so may also lead to miscarriage.

The oil of kalanji seed is also prepared which is very effective. The catalyst urine is effective in keeping the sufferings of the menstrual cycle too.

It also works to keep blood clean and clean by eliminating any impurities in our blood. Its empty stomach gets rid of many diseases in the morning or night.