यह मुस्लिम देश है सबसे अधिक ताकतवर खुद बनाता है हथियार पाकिस्तान की धज्ज...

Being Nuclear Power, Pakistan considers itself to be very powerful. Pakistan calls its army as the largest army of Muslim countries, but the truth is different from it. Pakistan's number in the list of powerful Muslim countries Is below Egypt and Iran. Turkey is at the top of this list. Become an attacker drone or a tank Turkish makes its modern weapons too.

No. 1- Turkey

The Turkish army has 3.55 million active soldiers. This country spends $ 10.2 billion in one year on its army. Turkey is involved in the war of Syria. Turkey has a strong defense industry development in its own country. This attacking drone, a state-of-the-art cruise missile, a tank and a combat helicopter itself builds itself. Turkey is the 9th place in the list of the world's largest military forces.

Number 2- Egypt

Egypt has 4.385 million active soldiers. In 2017, it placed its defense budget of $ 2.7 billion. This country has modernized its army. Egypt has 240 F-16 fighter aircraft, 46 Apache attack helicopters, 30 Hercules aircraft and 9 E2C Hawkeye 2000 Airborne Early Warning and Control Aircraft.

Egypt is purchasing two squadrons of Raphael aircraft. Along with this, he has made a deal to purchase 50 MiG-29 aircraft from Russia. These aircraft will be available by 2020 Egypt also bought the Air Defense System S-300 from Russia.

Number 3- Iran

Iran has 5.34 million active soldiers. Along with this, Iran also has 1.25 lakh Islamic Revolutionary Guards. Iran is involved in the battle of Syria and Yemen these days. Iran has 505 aircraft, 150 of which are fighter, 158 attacks and 192 transport aircraft. Iran has 1650 tanks, 2215 armored vehicles, 440 self-propelled guns and 2188 guns. It also has 1533 rocket projectors. Iran's navy is also strong. It has 33 submarines, 5 frigates and three corvettes.

Number 4-Indonesia

Indonesia has 9.75 lakh active soldiers. At the same time, there are also 2.81 lakh paramilitary personnel. Indonesia's economic situation is continuously getting better, which is driving its strength. This country has 274 navy ships, 10 fighter squadrons and 12 submarines.

No. 5- Pakistan

Pakistan has 6.37 lakh active soldiers. The Pakistan Air Force has 1281 aircraft, of which there are 320 fighter, 410 attack, 296 transport and 486 trainers. It has a total of 328 helicopters, 49 of them are helicopters.

Pakistan has 2182 tanks, 2604 armored fighters, 307 self-propelled artillery and 1240 toned artillery. It also has 144 rocket projectors. Pakistan's navy has 10 frigates, five submarine and 11 petrol vases.

No. 6- Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has 2.31 million active soldiers. Its air force has 844 aircraft, of which 203 are fighter, 211 attacks, 211 transport and 244 trainers. Saudi Arabia has 254 helicopters, 22 of them are helicopters.

The Army has 1142 tanks. It has 5472 armored fighters, 524 self-propelled artillery, 432 toned artillery and 322 rocket projectors.