ओवैसी ने राम मन्दिर पर फिर दिया बेहूदा बयान,हिन्दू संगठन,मोदी-योगी भी......

ओवैसी ने राम मन्दिर पर फिर दिया बेहूदा बयान,हिन्दू संगठन,मोदी-योगी भी.........

The construction of the Ram temple has been going on in the circle of controversy for many days. On October 29, the court was ordered to hear the case after a considerable time in the court. And people were assuming a historical date on October 29. But on October 29, 2018, the court has started hearing again and it has been immediately commenced in January 2019. Moreover, it is also said that this is not a matter of faith and religion, rather it is a land dispute, and after this statement, once again the debate has begun on the Modi government.

Tell you that all Hindu organizations have opposed the court's decision on one side. Asaduddin Owaisi, who had the image of a hardcore Muslim leader on the heresy, has given a big challenge to the Modi government about the construction of the Ram temple. He said that I challenge the government, that you bring a temple on the temple and then make a Ram temple.

He said that today every citizen of India asks the BJP, the RSS and the government about the Ram temple, but the government, Sadeve takes silence on this matter. And if the sadhu in Ayodhya talks about Santo, he is very angry. Many sadhus of Ayodhya say that it is not good to bring the issue of temple to a longer period by referring to the election, and the Vishwa Hindu Sangh has once again made his statement that it is more to build the temple. Can not wait.

And another saint has told that if the government does not bring an ordinance within a month, then it will self-sacrifice, and the result of which will have to face the Modi government in 2019. Although the court is defying the decision and continuously sending the same message to the Modi government, the government must bring an ordinance.