इस साल सबसे ज्यादा शतक जड़ने वाले खिलाड़ी रोहित शर्मा पहुँचे इस स्थान पर

In the fourth ODI between India and West Indies, Rohit Sharma played a century of 162 runs. Rohit has played this second 150 against the West Indies in this series, besides Rohit Sharma is the only player to score more than 150 runs in ODIs for a maximum of 7 times. This year, Rohit Sharma's bat has been spoken very tremendously. In such a way, today we will tell you about the top-10 players who have scored the most hundreds in ODIs this year. This list includes 3 Indians including Rohit and Virat. So let's see who is part of this list.

Run machine Virat Kohli is in top spot in this year's ODI century. Virat has scored 1169 runs in just 13 ODIs in 2018. In which he has scored six centuries with 3 half-centuries from his bat.

Johnny Bairstow scored 1025 runs in 22 one-dayers this year. In which his bat has 4 centuries with two half-centuries. He is third in this list.

Apart from this, Shikhar Dhawan is also a part of this list. Dhawan is in 7th place in the 8th list of the highest number of centuries in 2018. His bat has reached 3 centuries this year.

Rohit reached number 2

Rohit Sharma has played 18 ODIs this year. In which he scored 967 runs at an average of 69.07. Rohit Sharma has left England's wicket-keeper batsman Johnny Bairstow in the hundreds of hundreds in the fourth ODI this year when he scored his fifth century.

The 5th ODI against West Indies will be India's last ODI in 2018. In Rohit Sharma's Thiruvananthapuram, will this century be able to equate Virat with 6 centuries this year?