60 साल से कबाड़ में पड़ी थी स्कूल बस दरवाजा खोला तो देखकर उड़ गये होश

Many times such things are hidden from the eyes of the people whose imagination can not be imagined. One such case has emerged from Florida. A van lying vacant for several years in the field was closed in the eyes of the people even though it was closed, but one day suddenly, when this person wanted to see it from inside, they opened the door just like they did not see him on his eyes Was sure to have been Let's tell you the whole matter ...

In 1953, a van was lying in a field in Florida for nearly 6 decades. Many people passed by this yellow colored car, but everyone ignored it, in fact they felt that there would be nothing in addition to some broken furniture inside the saddle. But in 2003 when a man decided to go in, he was surprised.

Inside the junk, the inside of the car can surprise anyone, that a house inside the moving van was lying safe for many years. On the furniture of the 1950s, the dust of the dust was frozen, but everything was in good condition. There was no one left inside this car for so many years. But looking out from the outside does not necessarily mean someone to go in.