दीपिका पादुकोण ने फाइनल किया अपनी शादी का जोड़ा कीमत जान चौंक जाएंगे आप

Deepika Padukone wedding dress: As the big speculation turned into reality on October 21, Sunday, Bollywood diva Deepika Padukone announced her wedding date with superstar Ranvir Singh on Twitter, Deepvir's social media got a lot of discussion.

News is dominating Twitter! Like Anushka and Sonam's wedding Which was explicitly shared on social media, while some fans loved their wedding dress, others thought that it could have been more than just 'wedding dress'.

For her wedding, Deepika has given Germany's fashion designer Steve Sections to prepare her wedding dress. The price of this couple is being told about Rs 35 lakhs.