यदि आपके पेट में बनती है बहुत ज्यादा गैस तो इस घरेलु उपाय को अपनाये मिले...

Friends have a problem in health problems, which is the problem of stomach gas is very fierce, due to which your condition can be very bad. In this problem, the stomach grows thick and is very much Unbearable pain happens Friends, if you have trouble getting gas in the stomach, then we have come with a simple solution for you and if you have too much gas in your stomach Just get off the gas Bunny drop and your stomach take these things so friends What is that thing may know.

Those who drink more coffee and tea than the extent, then by increasing the quantity of tea by consuming excessive amount of tea and making a fierce acid in our body which causes pain of gas in our stomach, and this pain is very terrible That's why tea coffee should not be consumed.

Friends nowadays people do not like to eat their own home, they prefer the market's food because it uses more spices to bring flavor, in which some chemical substances are found which make our food more acrid and spicy These spices contain acids that spoil our digestive system after eating fast food and after which the gas in the stomach becomes fiercely It hurts too much so friends, if you are worried about the stomach problem, then quit eating the outside.

Friends, if you have gas in your stomach, put celery in the water and after lukewarming it, putting black salt in the flame, the stomach gas will be flushed in yellow time.